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My dear friend [ profile] minami77 has tagged me to do a meme:
"tell 5 thing of which I can't do without ", I'm a little sad, because 5 are really not much, ghgh!!

Let's start:

1) my son, Federico, he will be forever the first
2) my partner, thanks all the gods he exists to stand my shit;)
3) Justin and Brian, or Brian and Justin, for me they are one person
4) my cigarettes *shame on me*
5)my friends, especially Stefy, Monica and Marcy

I really don't know who I can tag for this, lately on lj I didn't feel so loved, so many people have felt the urgent need to lecture me, for a word, or to let me know that they know soooooooo much about Qaf (unlike me, obviously only for their brains).
I know only few people who really appreciated me, then...I tag [ profile] edom56, [ profile] evy_9_seconds and [ profile] aschicca

And,maybe I'm too naive and enthusiastic, but to post little banners to celebrate someone birthday and to not have any answer is really depressing. I suppose I'll stop to do them, not that this can concern anyone, but me.

Sorry, maybe it's only me, but I HAD to say it...;(

Date: 2009-04-26 01:02 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
but to post little banners to celebrate someone birthday and to not have any answer is really depressing.

That has happened to me a couple of times as well and it does make you feel sad I agree.

The QAF fandom world is made up of so many people with so many different views and opinions. It's not always easy to fit in, believe me, but in the end I think it is worth the time because there are some amazing people in the fandom.

I only admit to knowing everything about Ben and Michael, I rarely post my thoughts on anyone else :)

Edited to say: I couldn't do without my cigarettes either

Date: 2009-04-26 01:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
"The QAF fandom world is made up of so many people with so many different views and opinions."...yessss, I know it, and this is right, but maybe this is problem.
Why some people simply can't accept this?
Why some people need to impose their point of view????
I'm a stubborn woman, I know it, and I have strong and steady tastes about Qaf.
I don't love every character, because some of them sometimes really annoyed me, therefore I'm not an hypocrite, I simply CAN'T love them all.
If the people have some personality, in some way they have choose someone instead of another.
Well, then....why all this unuseful forced goodness???
But, I can understand if they talk about it in their journal...what makes me mad is when they lecture the others in OTHER's not requested, please mind your business, it's always better!!

Sorry, I didn't meant you dear Viv, I know you like every characters in qaf, but you surely have your favs;) and you'd never gone in another journal to do this all above. And I really appreciated this, thanks^____^

Someone shoot english sucks then ever, sigh!!!

Date: 2009-04-26 01:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Tesoro... mi dispiace tanto leggere che sei triste e non ti senti amata. I tuoi banner, fatti sia per augurare buon compleanno sia per farci sbavare un pò (gh gh gh), sono spettacolari e fatti col cuore... e non avere nemmeno un grazie, fa male. A volte le persone non si rendono conto che un commento, anche un piccolo grazie, è qualcosa che conta molto... ma forse per loro non è così. Chissà?

Carino il meme :) Lo metto nel prossimo post che faccio, ok? Ti abbraccio forte forte ^^

Date: 2009-04-26 01:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oks, tesoro...ogni tanto ho il mio drama queen moment, ghgh!!! Baciuz^^

Date: 2009-04-26 01:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hey babe, I just read your post :( what happened, I hope your OK.

Lots of people here on LJ have their own views on things, & yes sometimes I don;t agree with them, but who the hell cares. I love your posts, & yes Im with you, I don;t love everyone either from QaF, they pissed me off no end, BUT I shut up, as I can;t stand the wank :) NOT everyone has to agree with everyone, its a free country you can post what you like, just know Im here if you want to chat, I hope you know that,,love ya, hugs Jackie.xx

PS you can post a banner for me anytime you'd like, BUT I hate B'days *smiles* Im getting old. Just post me a Gale/Jackson one, shit hes gorgeous,,love the guy,,just like you.xx

Date: 2009-04-26 01:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Whoa, this really cheer me up, thanks!!!
And you're NOT getting old...WE are not getting old, simply we are like a good red italian wine, we get better with age!!!
When my internet connection will be restored (we're doing some painting works at home) I'll get back my pc and the first thing I'll do will be a Gale/Jackson banner for you *smochees*^^

Date: 2009-04-26 01:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Glad I cheered you up, thats what I'm here for :)

I'd love a Gale/Jackson banner, whatever your little heart desires.

Hurry back soon to the LJ OK? I'll be thinking of you.

Its 11.45pm I'm off to bed, & I never drink red wine, any wine infact, I'm a scotch & pepsi girl, & yes like you I have a smoke every now & then, but not every day, I can have 1 & then not have one for weeks,,enjoy your day,,love Jx hugs too.

Date: 2009-04-26 03:12 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Master cara, come ti ho detto io perdo sempre passaggi importanti, però ti mando un abbraccio forte forte per consolarti un po'.
Il fatto che alcuni si sentano in dovere di dare lezioni al prossimo è sempre stato qualcosa che disturba anche me e che cerco sempre nel limite del possibile di non fare io per prima. Quindi mi raccomando se dovesse capitare che io ti dica qualcosa senza che me ne renda conto fammelo sapere con una bella manata dietro alla testa stile Debbie XD ;)
d'altra parte non capisco il perchè della cosa, voglio dire... io so che te non ami Linds e tu sai che a me invice piace... però siamo ancora qui ad essere amiche nonostante ognuno abbia cose che non cindivide... boh, semplicemente va al di la della mia comprensione. E dire che proprio l'amore per qaf dovrebbe farci apprezzare quanto ognuno di noi sia unico e raro.

Un abbraccio.

ps: comunque io amo i tuoi banner se può consolarti ♥

Date: 2009-04-26 03:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
E mi consola si, cacchibus;)!!!!
Io dico sempre che le differenze sono il sale della vita, e questo vale anche per Qaf.
Voglio dire, tutti abbiamo i nostri gusti, no? Ma tutti dovremmo rispettarci proprio per questo. E invece c'e' gente che, non contenta di sparare cazzate sul proprio journal, va nei lj degli altri a bacchettare e rompere i coglioni, tutto questo in nome di un buonismo sterile e inutile!!
Voglio dire, nessuno potra' mai convincermi che Linds non sia fondamentalmente un ipocrita bruttina e etero mancata, ma tu mica vieni nei miei posts a dirmi" ma come ti permetti, cosi' non si fa, bisogna amare tutti in Qaf"...tutti deche?????
Se a te qualcuno che io amo ti sta sui cosiddetti, sei stralibera di detestarlo quanto vuoi, ci mancherebbe!!
Mah, discorso lungo e complesso...magari ci sentiamo per tel, cosi' ci sfoghiamo un po'.

Date: 2009-04-26 04:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Gloria, cara, I'm so very sorry to hear that. You know how I feel about you, but I'll happily repeat it, I love you, sweetie.

Trust me, in 8 days when it's my birthday, I'd definitely thank you if you mad a banner for me ;)

I'm so looking forward to the background for my LJ, and I'm eternally greatefull to you for doing it and for all the banners you have made for me.

I'll go post the 5 things I can't live without now.

Hugs and lots of love,


Date: 2009-04-26 05:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Mia, my sweetheart, you're a life saver, as usual!!!
Thank you for your nice words, and I'm looking forward for your birthday, I have so many ideas for your banner;)!!!

Love you, kisses:)

Date: 2009-04-26 07:09 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Sorry to hear that you are being invaded by jerks on your Journal. I too have my favorites on QAF and have my own opinion on all the characters good or bad but that is my opinion and even thou i would like for everyone to share my lusty x-rated thoughts of Brian/Gale not everyone is going to feel that way and i would never push it on anyone or go to their journal and tell them that they can't feel the way they feel because that is not how i feel.

I quit smoking awhile ago, but i feel the same way about my wine.

Date: 2009-04-27 07:06 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hey, I know you, and I know that you're a nice welcoming person..and I feel that way about Brian/Gale too ghgh;)
Glad that you have quit to smoke, it's always a great thing, brava!!!:)


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